Dual Action Cleansing and Resurfacing Tool

Dual Action Cleansing and Resurfacing Tool

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About the product

  • PATENTED DUAL MICRODERMABRASION TOOL WITH 2-MINUTE TIMER - Facial brush for cleansing on one side, foam applicator for microdermabrasion on the other side
  • GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE - Exfoliates sensitive to normal skin without the harsh and damaging effects of suction-based machines and suction microdermabrasion
  •  DERMATOLOGY AND SALON QUALITY AT HOME - Used nationwide by professional dermatology offices, medi-spas, and estheticians in skincare salons


  • Tool with Base
  • 4 Small Adhesive Teardrop Applicators
  •  Large Teardrop Applicator
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Travel Bag

DermaNew's patented microdermabrasion Dual Tool is the first true home microdermabrasion system to provide professional results at home. The patented Dual Tool includes one side with a gentle cleansing brush, and the other side that holds both large and small foam teardrop applicators. Our small foam applicators are adhesive and disposable - as used by professionals - the most hygienic approach to skincare, used by dermatologists, medi-spas, and eshteticians worldwide.. The tool is conveniently nestled in a base that rests on your countertop - allowing the tool to dry after use and to avoid countertop bacteria. This gentle yet extremely effective system addresses dry skin, sun damage, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and can improve the appearance of scarring by gently exposing the healthy new skin underneath, and by stimulating new collagen production. DermaNew has sold millions of patented Dual Tools globally, and continues to lead the industry as the only dual-sided microdermabrasion and cleansing tool - your foam applicator on one side and your cleansing brush on the other. The tool also has a convenient button press 2-minute timer that helps you nourish and renew your skin for perfectly timed results. Press again, to use without the timer as meets your needs and comfort level.