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MicroDermabrasion Revealed...

DermaNew MicroDermabrasion gently polishes and exfoliates skin to help minimize the appearance of 

  •           Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  •           Discoloration and Sunspots
  •           Scarring and Acne Damage

DermaNew’s patented dual tool has a cleansing brush on one side and a crème applicator on the other to smooth, hydrate, and polish the skin. 

Millions of DermaNew Systems have been sold worldwide.

DermaNew: 2 Minutes to Flawless.




It's all about the Crystal...

DermaNew Microdermabrasion Crèmes use Corundum Crystals to smooth and refine the surface of the skin. Corundum Crystal, a naturally occurring mineral is heated to over 3,300 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure hardness and purity. The relative size of the Corundum Crystal is markedly smaller than typical exfoliating materials to ensure the refinement of the skin’s surface without damage.




As Seen In


"I exfoliate pretty often. I also use this thing called Dermanew once a week. It's like the electronic toothbrush of facial products. It's a mild home microdermabrasion process that makes your skin really clean."

— Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls




Amby Longhofer...

Amby Longhofer imagined an at home microdermabrasion system for her celebrity clientele in the middle of her Beverly Hills Day Spa.  Her husband Dean Rhoades created and patented the technology that made it a reality for them.  Since the inception of DermaNew, this category of skin care that never existed brought the clinical procedure home.  It also brought Fortune 100 companies and infomercial marketing companies clamoring for their own versions of at home microdermabrasion.  They created and licensed versions of their microdermabrasion system for those big companies too.  Amby and Dean created this global category that lives on today as the most enduring and effective way to smooth, polish, refine, and forever change the texture of skin.  It's everything and more that she imagined.

Stay tuned… Amby’s still imagining...